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Furniture do not block windows, the window is escape self-help channel
Jun 16, 2017

Household appliances that have been used for a long time are a little negligent and easy to fire. The warning part of the issue, the Provincial Security Supervision Bureau (Sichuan Coal Supervision Bureau) to remind you that into the fall, always pay attention to fire, and constantly self-correcting their fire hazards, not sloppy, in order to avoid disaster.

"Time Bomb". Corridor clean and tidy, do not heap debris, can be free when emergency escape. Fire, window escape and Fire rescue channel is important, therefore, do not use large heavy furniture to block the windows, do not put debris sill, if the installation window, it is best to reserve air-conditioning installation holes or special vents, and properly keep the keys. Boil water, cook people don't leave, don't forget to cook. Edible oil, towels, cloth, such as fuel, in the distance from the stove, shutters, curtains, etc. can not be hung above the stove. Wash the hoods regularly because of the very flammable grease from above.

Develop a good living habit. Idle or use electrical appliances should be unplugged. No smoking, lying in bed, sofa bed for old people or patients smoking, they should take care of, such as temporary there are other things that should be answered before you leave. A match, lighter, etc in the child's, home gas stove (such as liquefied gas stove) do not let the child open freely.

Don't let electrical equipment, "work", though he is ill. The use of electrical appliances before the use of inspection, use and maintenance, in order to avoid circuit aging, disrepair or treatment, often broken wire and fire. In the circuit maintenance, such as the power switch frequently, it is best to stop the use to prevent a sharp rise in the internal temperature of the electrical, burning ignition components (such as overheating of the motor).