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How do you choose your desk? What kind of desk is cheap and nice?
Jun 16, 2017

Today we'll take the staff desk and say:

1, in terms of style, desk has a screen desk, that is, the kind of face and left there are cut off, there are many sections, there are 32, 45, 28, etc., commonly used is 32, simple generous; Now the unit is also more like the steel stand desk, steel frame is also a lot of styles, there are back-shaped frame, there are round legs, good legs, there are aliens, and so on, these steel desk desktop boards or glass as a partition; some desks are simple plate legs, desktop plate partition The most simple desk is the one with no partition on the desktop.

2, for different customers, if the price is no problem, the steel desk and the screen desk are the best choice for both a cheap and good desk, not to try the table leg is the plate can or choose the desktop without partition, which is a good choice