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How to buy qualified furniture
Jun 16, 2017

Style of the type of various markets, how to choose the durability of office furniture, many consumers lack, the choice of office furniture must pay attention to the office furniture water content should not exceed 12%.

Office furniture moisture content, generally not more than 12%, water content is high, wood easily deformed. General consumer Purchase, there is no test equipment, can take the method, with the hand feel furniture at the bottom, if feeling moist, moisture content of more than 50%, so the furniture can not be used, and then test office furniture Sprinkle a little water, if not spread and spread slowly, moisture content is high. In addition, office furniture not only water content too high quality problem, also can increase formaldehyde release rate.

After 80, 90 years after the user to the office furniture fashion personalized demand more and more attention. Office furniture Store also placed many well-known brands to launch a variety of styles, elegant, design more humane office furniture products. into the Office Furniture Experience Center, give people the first feeling is relaxed, leisure, is a variety of fashion design and new colors. Office furniture should allow the fixed design and color, bold use of leather, stainless steel, wood, tungsten carbide elements such as materials, the square of the compass of the table design, there are irregular arc design, the overall design of the traditional elements of simplicity, so that the modern style of office furniture flavor.

The design of office furniture also takes into account the simplicity and comfort of the office environment, such as some desk products to create a free mobile trajectory, at the same time, the Office design zoning can receive a variety of wire and cable, let people say goodbye to "a bunch of lines" chaotic office environment. In addition to office furniture, office environment construction More and more attention, green plants, such as time interval, rather than the traditional screen, dedicated to small potted place, increase the green office environment