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How to choose an office home
Jun 16, 2017

Office furniture is always the most basic component of office space, modern office furniture can be divided into three departments: System Furniture (ISF), da desk, ergonomic seating. System Furniture (ISF) is the office space to integrate a variety of furniture into the system, including the link screen, high partition desk, pipeline configuration, lighting and so on; Da desk is a kind of furniture, which is designed to provide working platform for modern digital office equipment; Ergonomic seating, from the ergonomic point of view, the steel cabinet is designed for the office staff to work long hours at the desk developed seats. The chair is just what the previous public has overlooked, and in fact the chair is more important than the table, it carries a of people's weight and maintain 8 hours of smooth work, if poorly designed or with poor materials, may cause some aspects of the disease.