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How to maintain office furniture
Jun 16, 2017

1, furniture should be placed in the air circulation, relatively dry place, do not close to the fire or damp walls, to avoid sun exposure.

2, the dust on the furniture, the application of brush removal, as far as possible do not use water scrub, when necessary, the use of moist soft cloth lightly wipe, must not use alkali water, soap water, detergent solution scrub, lest affect the paint brightness or cause the paint to fall off.

3, Cabinet furniture move to lift away from the ground, do not push hard pull, lest grocer loose or damaged.

4, sofa, soft bed type furniture to put in the dry place, in order to prevent internal spring rust, affect the elasticity.

5, on the table do not put acid, alkali class corrosive substances, do not let go of water, aluminum pots, hot irons and so on.

6, chair sitting, should pay attention to 4 legs even force.