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Office furniture will go to open working mode in the future
Jun 16, 2017

With the development of science and technology, our working environment is more and more "leisure \", at any time, anywhere, in demand. The business model must be combined with openness. Office furniture emphasize series design, less color and unity. In the office design, can be based on the main color of the office furniture Interior design, can also choose according to office furniture color design.

Therefore, in the same piece of furniture, the type of paint color assembly is generally in two or three species, in the same set of furniture, generally only in three or four. The color of the material even some advanced furniture handle, furniture appearance. The Apple tablet again appeared in 2010 to overturn the people's working status, there are "Tramp's mat \": They don't have their own offices, or their offices shrink, reduce the need for office furniture, only use sofas and office tables; travel between big cities, the company's day-to-day meetings, business mostly through the Internet communication, managers can also encourage self-discipline staff to try Home Office, without affecting the efficiency and quality of the premise of flexible work. Then shrink the office space, furniture matching is reduced.

In the near future, technology will make a great change in the office environment: empty-handed, no bags. When we go to work, just remember a password, you can work in the company before the LCD screen, is connected to a comprehensive supercomputer, all the location of the operation, according to the schedule of flexible work space can peak time to avoid crowds, make time more effective, employees can make full use of shared equipment, enterprises can reduce space and equipment investment.