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The correct height of table and chair should keep the posture of the person two basic vertical
Jun 16, 2017

1.When both feet are flat on the ground, the thighs are basically perpendicular to the calf.

2.When two arms droop naturally, the upper arm is basically perpendicular to the small arm, and the small arm is in contact with the desktop, resulting in an appropriate elbow support. Two basic vertical ability to keep the right posture and writing posture: the appropriate elbow support, can be taken upright or slightly forward tilt posture to avoid bending the hump, causing spinal disease, lumbar muscle strain and other occupational diseases. Some desktop work can also use a slightly backward posture, comfortable to rely on the back of the staff chair chair. The user can have a variety of alternative posture, can often change posture to reduce fatigue.

The proper elbow support not only makes sitting upright and stable, but also makes the desktop work more standard, such as writing can be written from left to right.

The appropriate elbow support allows the body to relax when working on the desktop, including the neck, shoulder, waist, arm, wrist and elbow muscles, reducing muscle fatigue, pain and strain.

The appropriate elbow support, posture stability, so that the visual distance to maintain within a reasonable range, to avoid the phenomenon of too short line-of-sight, conducive to the protection of vision.

Office table under the space is not less than 580MM, space width is not less than 520MM, to ensure that there is a minimum leg activity space, sedentary can do appropriate relaxation action to alleviate fatigue.