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What is the green office furniture
Jun 16, 2017

It is generally believed that: non-eco-friendly furniture is mainly free formaldehyde emission and benzene series (benzene, xylene) exceeds the health of human body, and these two kinds of substances mainly from low-quality wood-based panels and low-quality paint.

Green furniture is the furniture that basically does not spread out harmful material.

A higher level of definition: to meet the specific needs of users, benefit the health of users, there is no harm to the human body and the hidden danger, in the production design process has strict size standards, according to ergonomic principles of design of furniture.

Have the following characteristics:

1. Materials are inclined to nature, and they do not contain harmful substances;

2. Green Products According to ergonomics design, people-oriented, not only pay attention to the physiological condition of human under static condition and study the physiological condition of human under dynamic condition. In normal use and occasional use will not adversely affect the human body and harm.

3. Design and production to extend the product cycle as far as possible, to make it more durable, reduce the process of reprocessing energy consumption.

4. The design of high grade products, should have cultural heritage and scientific and technological content.