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You should pay attention to these points if you want to pick a safe and environmentally friendly furniture.
Jun 16, 2017

1. Choice of furniture Board

The furniture in the market can be roughly divided into two types: wood and man-made wood. Solid wood from the natural felling of trees, environmental pollution, but the relatively high price of a lot, do not do too much in this introduction, mainly to introduce the next man-made plate. Wood-based panels are divided into three types, plywood, particleboard and fibreboard. Among them, the strength and volume stability of the best plywood, processing technology is also superior to particleboard and fibreboard, so the most widely used. Hard fibreboard can be used without glue or less plastic advantages, but environmental pollution is a serious problem in the fibreboard industry.

2. Selection of furniture Coatings

The choice of paint is divided into two kinds, one is coating process, the other is the quality of paint and environmental protection. The first introduction to the process of painting, the most common is now the piano paint process, piano paint and the stability of ordinary paint the biggest difference, if not deliberately damaged people, paint after years of smooth and delicate. Although brightness and density in two of a distance. Because our choice of online shopping does not see the kind of furniture, it is not good to judge the quality of the paint process, in our proposal to check the origin of furniture, Chengdu/Foshan coating process is the most advanced. Once again for the paint variety process, we must choose the furniture when selecting the brand-name paint for environmental protection, a finished gloss, second, low formaldehyde content environmental protection.

4. Velvet Furniture stitching Strict layering

Whether it is affixed veneer, or with PVC or paste of the pre-printed paper, should pay attention to whether the skin is flat paste, or not drum, blister, stitching is not strict phenomenon, but also pay attention to check and check. Wood veneer furniture more easily damaged, generally only two years. In the case of timber veneer, veneer veneer is better than peeling.

5. Choice of tempered glass and marble

6. The furniture in the mirror

Choose furniture, mirrors, such as dresser, makeup mirror, makeup mirror, to pay attention to see if the mirror check whether the mirrors of mercury in the rear of the glass liner and back plate, qualified, no paper can not, otherwise it will be worn out mercury