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Advantage and Disadvantage for The MDF Material Furniture
Jan 05, 2018

Advantages of MDF Furniture

  • MDF is an economical choice. It's inexpensive to make so you will pay less for it in the store than for some solid wood pieces.

  • MDF uses recycled wood in its construction, thereby helping to save trees.

  • MDF is easy to paint in many different colours, whereas solid wood has a difficult time taking some colours.

  • A smooth material throughout, MDF does not have knots that can blemish the surface of a piece or make components difficult to attach.

  • The chemicals used in the construction of MDF make it poisonous to pests such as termites.

  • MDF will not expand and contract due to heat and humidity the way solid wood can.

  • Shaping MDF is easier than shaping solid wood, making it easier to do more elaborate designs.

  • Veneer can easily be attached to MDF to give it the look of genuine wood. 

Disadvantages of MDF Furniture

  • As noted above, when MDF is being constructed, it may off-gas small amounts of formaldehyde, though this has largely dissipated by the end of the construction process. MDF which has been painted reduces any health risk still further.

  • MDF tends to be high maintenance - if you chip it or crack it, you cannot repair or cover the damage easily as you typically can with solid wood.

  • The chemicals used in making MDF make the material less child-friendly than other materials.

  • Direct exposure to water can cause MDF to swell.

  • There is no grain on MDF, as it is not a natural wood product. If this is an issue, however, it is easily remedied with veneer.

  • The glue present in MDF can make it hard to sink certain types of fasteners into the material. 

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