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Cloth Category Of Furniture Products In The Selection Of Two Categories: Man-made Chemical Fiber Cloth, Natural Textile Cloth, And So On, General Man-made Chemical Fiber Cloth Mostly
Jun 16, 2017

Man-made chemical fiber cloth man-made chemical fiber cloth has nine categories: namely, poly-acyl ammonia, polyester, polyurethane, poly-urine, pom, polypropylene clear, polyethylene acid, polyvinyl chloride and fluorine. In fact, man-made chemical fiber is the essence of the above nine kinds of polymer materials (and plastic is a kind of raw materials) by spinning weaving, all the quality indicators of chemical fiber fabrics are divided into fineness, strength, resilience, moisture absorption, initial modulus, the first four indicators of important quality parameters. Fineness is the yarn thickness, strength refers to the ability to withstand the pull, rebound rate, refers to the tensile back to the original size ratio; For the use of home, that is, what kind of material to adapt to conditions is useful, is now described as follows: hygroscopic low material: polypropylene (polypropylene), Vinylon, polyester, with such materials suitable for humid climate and regions. Good heat-resistant materials: polyester, acrylic (polypropylene clear), with such materials suitable for tropical and high-temperature operating environment. Good light resistance material: acrylic, Vinylon, polyester, suitable for outdoor environment products, such as: Beach Chair. Good resistance to alkaline materials: poly-acyl ammonia fiber, polypropylene, copolymer (poly vinyl chloride fiber) acid good materials: acrylic, polypropylene, polyester is not easy to mold: The wheel, polyester, poly-acyl ammonia fiber, adapt to damp places. Good abrasion resistance material: copolymer, polypropylene, Vinylon, polyester, polyurethane fiber elongation rate good material: copolymer, Vinylon from the above analysis, at present, suitable for indoor swivel chair material has Vinylon, copolymer, polypropylene, poly-acyl ammonia, and so on, light-resistant materials can not be used outdoors, outdoor, otherwise life is very short.

Natural fiber cloth fabric has: cotton, hemp, wool, asbestos fiber, and suitable for the use of furniture is only cotton, hemp two categories, natural fiber cloth is the characteristics of environmental protection, good thermal insulation, good wear resistance, cotton hemp alkali resistance but poor acid resistance, and wool is not good light. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the above-mentioned material design is very important. Natural fiber cloth is slightly higher than the price of fortune one points.