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Glass Products
Jun 16, 2017

Glass products in accordance with different production processes have flat glass, blown glass two major categories. At present, the use of flat glass, especially after deep processing of flat glass, more suitable for consumer market welcome. Blown glass crafts and other three-dimensional modelling more, classical furniture use a variety of shapes. Its characteristics: acid (in addition to fluorine acid) alkali, oil-resistant, fireproof, tempered to 300 Shan.

4.1 Flat Glass Flat glass is a silicate raw material, through 1300 degrees of high-temperature furnace dissolved into a liquid, through the surface of tin water, commonly known as floating glass. Because of the raw material formula, the process parameter difference, the flat glass appearance is divided into the blue glass, the white glass, the colored glass three kinds. The thinner (below 3mm) of flat glass manufacturing is more difficult, and too thick (more than 15mm) is also difficult, so the two are higher in the market. The flat glass uses the diamond (that is ordinary glass knife), the high speed water carries on the cutting, after the cutting glass each side may carry on the grinding edge processing, if grinds straight edge, the hypotenuse, the round edge, the duck mouth, the drilling, the grinding edge price is higher. Flat glass surface can also be used for grinding (chemical, mechanical two), silk screen painting, baking paint, carving processing, different surface treatment process prices are not the same, roughly from high to low sort: matte paint painting screen paint carving.

4.2 Process Glass The focus of this discussion is on the process of flat glass, which, in addition to the grinding process mentioned above, can also be used for heat bending, tempering and bonding, so that the "plane" becomes "stereo" effect. Jes: Refers to the flat glass in 500 Shan start to soften, with the mold gently pressed to achieve the need for deformation effect, hot bending process in different factories and equipment, the hot-bending plate glass should first be grinding edge or sandblasting treatment. Tempered: Refers to the glass in 900 Shan or so for rapid cooling treatment. Its characteristics: glass broken without sharp angle, while glass temperature resistance to 300 Shan not rupture, its strength also greatly increased about 10 times times. Bonding: Refers to the use of UV glue, UV irradiation cured, after bonding glass can withstand more than 200kg pulling force, bonding materials do glass glass, glass metal, but the glue and process is different to make qualified products. The above three kinds of processing methods cost price from high to low: tempered heat bending bonding.