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Glue Type Furniture Products Use More Varieties Of Glue
Jun 16, 2017

Glue type furniture product uses the glue variety more, the glue choice reasonable and appropriate to the product quality influence is bigger, especially the durability quality. According to the glue solvent type different water-based glue and solvent adhesive.

7.1 water-based glue refers to the glue in the solvent can be used to adjust the concentration of glue, it uses the furniture in the fire board and plywood or particleboard between the bonding, plate bonding, such as: Do the door with the core honeycomb paper and door bonding, all with water-based adhesive. Its characteristics: Low prices, good environmental protection, but the bonding time of 4 hours or more. The production cycle is long, the production operation is simple, can use brushes, besmear and so on method. Because the water-based gum processing period is long, for urgent single, the influence is larger, on the other hand, artificial coating is easy to uneven, and this causes blistering, local deformation and so on.

7.2 Solvent adhesive At present, the solvent adhesive used for benzene-free solvent manufacturing, adhesive resin, such as polymer materials, its viscosity curing time is faster than water-based glue, the method can also be used spray gun spraying, so save time and effort, glue coating evenly. At present, the screen and screen cloth bonding, seat, sofa sponge and cloth bonding, etc. are used spray method, you can do the spray is placed or installed. Solid wood products using solvent glue, most of the solid wood (such as sofa feet, racks) between bonding, plate and veneer bonding between. Solvent glue curing form and water-based glue, the latter is to allow the evaporation process of water solidification, while the former is most of the air in the "oxygen" role of curing or internal molecular oxygen due to the effect of their own heat curing. Solvent glue spraying sponge, cotton or different types of cloth, the selected models are different, the main reason is that the material is also polymer materials. The use of wrong will degumming, foaming, dehydration. Adhesion test two major items: to do resistance to ambient temperature (high, low temperature) test and weathering test (that is, ultraviolet light aging exposure). In addition, the solvent glue is also divided into glass glue, metal glue, glass and metal adhesives and other types.