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Hardware Category
Jun 16, 2017

Hardware category "Hardware" concept is popular parlance, standard classification should be divided into ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, it is used in furniture with tubular, rod-shaped, plate-shaped, line, angular-shaped several.

2.1 Ferrous metal parts mainly refers to iron products, its advantages are: deformation resistance, high strength, good wear resistance, high hardness, low price, long life. is a carbon alloy, it is divided into high carbon steel, low-carbon steel, medium carbon, it is divided into round tube, square, angle, steel plate several categories. Round tube is mainly used for chair products; Yuliang, bracket class, steel plate is mainly used for table baffle, screen board, pendants, arm, metal cabinets, doors and so on. Iron and Steel Products: 1, easy to Rust 2, Volume 3, Fear of moisture solution to the above defect methods electroplating, spraying, blackening and blue processing. Metal parts processing methods more: bending, punching, drilling, welding, cutting, compression. In short, according to the design requirements or product requirements for processing.

2.2 Non-ferrous Metals except iron products all metal parts, such as: aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel and so on. It has a characteristic not easy rust, the strength is inferior to the black metal, the furniture uses more have: aluminum plate, aluminum rod, stainless steel tube, stainless steel plate, copper plate, zinc board. Stainless steel workpiece: Stainless steel parts not rust iron and stainless steel two categories: often known as "430" for stainless iron, "304" for the pure steel, to distinguish one of their methods: with a magnet test, "430" can be a magnet to absorb, and "304" is not. Stainless steel Parts A little more than iron products, the price is 4 times times higher than iron products, so only high-end products to use.

2.3 Castings Metal Furniture hardware products have many of the use of castings, such as handle, door hinges, and so on, the current market popular various types of casting production process, such as: casting process, die-casting process, casting process. Casting materials are brass, stainless steel, zinc tin alloy, aluminum alloy.