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Leather Leather Class In The National Industry Is A Major Category, But Also A Set Of Corresponding Standards
Jun 16, 2017

6.1 Artificial leather is commonly known as spun leather, it is divided by thickness, one type (0. Aged. 5m M), two type Sian. 5mm two. Leather appearance of many patterns, the general requirements of fine grain, uniform, uniform color, no scratches on the surface, cracks. Artificial leather is also the essence of polymer plastic PVC, PE, PP and other blown film molding and through the surface spraying a variety of color paste. For the sofa Swivel Chair Artificial leather attaches great importance to feel, should be smooth, soft, elastic, no peculiar smell. The fracture rate should be Sinter and not easily discolored, that is, the color rubbing fastness should be up to 4.3.

6.2 Natural leather mainly refers to a variety of animal skins processed from. At present, the use of leather in the main furniture, its appearance and artificial leather has the same requirements, but its tensile strength, tearing intensity than artificial leather better. The disadvantage is the appearance of uneven patterns, especially small cowhide, also has a very deep scar, defective scar around the skin that is poor elasticity. The natural skin is also divided by thickness and two layers of skin, the first layer of skin is the surface of animal skin, flexible flexibility, high price, thickness of 0.8 ~ 1.5; two layers of skin for animal skin peeling skin outside skin, thickness of 2.8 ~ 3.5, elastic poor, but good strength, resistance to 200n M2 above.