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Leather Sofa Selection And Maintenance
Jun 16, 2017

Leather sofa As a member of the sofa family, with its solemn and elegant, luxurious and durable features for people to love. Leather sofa grade gap in addition to internal quality and workmanship, but also concentrated performance in the fabric. How to know the quality of leather sofa and carry out cleaning and maintenance? How to distinguish leather sofa leather sofa with leather and imitation leather, leather with natural leather, mainly cowhide and pigskin, imitation leather is man-made. Both performance, price difference is big, when buying should pay attention to differentiate. Natural leather has regular natural pores and skin patterns, imitation skin is not, even if there is artificial, more easily distinguishable. In addition, it can be distinguished from their cross-section, the natural leather is woven from the skin fiber, and The imitation skin has no such structure. Good leather sofa, clean and tidy leather, less disability, soft and flexible feel, uniform color. Leather leather color fastness to wet cloth force on the surface of the leather will not fade phenomenon, leather stitching neat, stitch evenly, line trace straight, sofa appearance, full without wrinkles. Leather sofa maintenance of leather sofa is very important, if the maintenance of improper will fade, stale, loss of luster, so that leather lack of ductility and make sofa deformation. First of all, to ensure that the ventilation of the room, too dry or damp will accelerate the aging of leather; Secondly, the leather sofa do not put in direct sunlight to the place, do not put in the air conditioner directly to the place, so that the leather will harden, fade. Summer sweating More, the pores of the leather will absorb sweat, high-temperature moisture will make the organic and leather in the sweat chemical reaction, easy to produce peculiar smell, to be diligent with wet wipes wipe. When wiping the sofa, can not use alkaline cleaning liquid, because the dermis in the making skin with acidic treatment, and alkaline will make leather softness decline, long-term use will occur wrinkles.

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