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More Information About Particleboard --MFC
Jan 25, 2018


  Practical and economical plate

  In general, the use of particleboard as a raw material for furniture is very economical and practical. The international market, the vast majority of panel furniture use particleboard as the main material.

  Particleboard is characterized by a greater weight intensity (compared with furniture made of medium density board, particleboard furniture lighter, easy to move), changes in absorbent thickness is small, holding nail strength, and lower production costs, is very suitable for panel furniture Selected materials. In addition, in terms of its production process is easier to control the release of formaldehyde sheet, such as particleboard to achieve formaldehyde emission level E0 standard production process is less difficult to achieve E0 standard products more generally, the price more economical. However, particleboard can only be plane processing, not suitable for carving process, modeling limited.

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