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Panel Furniture Purchase Common Sense
Jun 16, 2017

Plate furniture to fashionable, colorful, clear wood and no deformation, no cracking, moth-proofing, affordable prices and other advantages of the new family furniture category. The correct purchase of plate furniture should pay attention to the following four points:

I. Surface quality

Panel furniture to Particleboard, MDF and other wood-based panels as the substrate, surface decorated with melamine, PVC, wood and paper wood veneer, such as plywood, imitation wood pattern of clear natural, smooth formation, with good visual effects and feel. When purchasing, the main look at the surface of the plate is scratches, indentation, bubbling, peeling up skin and plastic traces and other defects, wood pattern is natural and smooth, do not have artificial feelings, for symmetrical furniture, but also pay attention to the plate color, grain consistency and harmony, let a person feel symmetrical plate as from a piece of material.

Second, production quality

Plate furniture In the production is the formation of the plate through the cutting saw, decorative edge, components assembled together. Its production quality mainly depends on the quality of cutting saw, edge, surface decoration quality and the quality of the board port. The flatness of plate parts in cutting saws for plate-making furniture verticality, the angle of the quality requirements, in general, the plate cutting technology within 0.01 mm per metre, to achieve precision requirements of the plate saw behind the profile, good angle, the furniture will not appear plate tilt phenomenon. The precision of saw blade will also affect the end of the plate, end edge quality, scratches, collapsing edge, collapse angle and other cutting defects will also affect the appearance of the panel furniture quality. side, surface decoration mainly see its decorative parts on whether the glue is uniform, adhesion is solid, trimming is smooth, parts side plate, door, drawer panel, such as the end of the visible part of the side of the edge of the surface is sealed, decorative plates on the edge of the plate can not touch the traces of adhesion. Assembling combination mainly see whether the hole is fine, neat, connected parts after installation is solid, the plane and end of the T-shaped seam after the connection has no clearance, with the hand to promote there is no loosening phenomenon. Door, drawer of the gap is too large, general requirements in the 1mm between the door and the opening of the drawer is flexible and so on.

Third, metal parts, plastic parts of the quality

Plate furniture are metal parts, plastic parts as fastening connectors, so the quality of metal parts also determines the quality of furniture inside the plate. Metal parts require smart, smooth, surface plating treatment, can not have rust, burrs and so on, the accuracy of the requirements of the matching parts higher. Plastic parts to look beautiful, bright colors, the use of the focus on the site should have strength and the degree of elasticity, can not be too thin. Open-type connectors require flexible rotation, internal spring to be suitable for tightness, so that the furniture in the open use will be smooth, easy, no friction.

IV. Formaldehyde emission

Plate furniture is generally based on particleboard and MDF. The standard of formaldehyde emission in the plate is stipulated. wherein the Particleboard stipulates formaldehyde emission per gram less than equal to 50 mg, medium density fiberboard Formaldehyde release quantity per gram is less than equal to 40 mm. Formaldehyde, also known as formalin, is a harmful toxic substance that has certain effects on human health. If the consumer in the purchase, open the door and drawer, can smell to have a stimulation smell, cause the eye tears or cause a cough and so on condition, then indicated the formaldehyde release quantity in the furniture exceeds the standard stipulation request, should not buy this kind of furniture. Otherwise, once used, especially in the use of air-conditioning, the indoor air environment will contain formaldehyde, affecting the health of the body and the occurrence of certain diseases.