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Sponge Furniture
Jun 16, 2017

Sponge type of furniture used in many types of sponge, there are foam cotton, stereotypes cotton, rubber cotton, memory and so on.

5.1 Cotton This material cotton by polyurethane material, by foaming agent and other additives mixed, pressure agent into the simple mold heating can be pressed out of different shapes of sponge, it is suitable for swivel chair sofa cushion, back cotton, also has a small number of handrails also use stereotypes cotton. At present, the use of 55 material density, its elasticity is more in line with the relevant national standards. The elastic hardness of sponge can be adjusted according to different parts of the product. The general cotton is more hardness, higher density, lower back cotton, Shan cotton is softer.

5.2 foamed Cotton This material is made of polyether foam, like foaming bread. can be used in machinery and equipment foam may also be artificial wood surrounded by foam, foaming cotton like a square-shaped bread, using slicer after slicing process, according to different requirements of cutting thickness, foam cotton can also adjust the soft hardness. Cotton is commonly used 25, other 20 density. The soft hardness of sponge is directly related to the density, but it is also related to different additive formulations, so the industry can be divided into high elasticity, gray super, Black grey and soft cotton. Product design should be used depending on the shape, structure of reasonable scientific collocation, generally divided on, middle and low three parts with different elasticity, density of sponge. Sponge in a kind of called fireproof cotton material, in fact, sponge foam before, the material formula added fire-retardant, such as chlorine, bromine make the sea cotton fire can produce fire smoke, played a flame-retardant effect.

5.3 Rubber cotton sponge in one, it uses the main ingredient is the natural latex raw material foaming, it has the rubber characteristic, the elasticity is extremely good, the resilience is good, will not deform, but the price is expensive, is higher than the foaming cotton $number times. The above three kinds of cotton prices from high to low order: rubber cotton stereotypes cotton foam

5.4 Recycled cotton furniture products have a kind of called "Recycled cotton", in fact, it is the sea and cotton broken material squeezed into. The cost is very low, but the elasticity is very poor and the density varies.